Extrea Tube system


Product description

Extrea Tube is a system of accessories applied in low-pressure injection for sealing construction joints, installation passages, joints of the foundation slab and diaphragm wall and other places in reinforced concrete structures. Hoses are mounted in the place of the technological break at the stage of carrying out reinforced concrete works before reinforcement works. They provide primary or additional sealing (e.g. in combination with ActiStop bentonite tapes and PVC tapes). Depending on the function, the injection is made immediately after the initial maturation of the concrete or later, i.e. in the event of a leak.





System components


Structure of the Extrea Tube injection hose



Important !!!

Extrea Tube injection hoses can be used for multiple injections with acrylic and cement suspension or for single injections with polyurethane resin.



Assembly instructions




Extrea Tube injection hose Extrea Tube injection hose
The round injection hose (dimensions and appearance according to the technical data sheet) with a double textile...
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Fastening packer Fastening packer
It serves for attaching the injection hose to the formwork...
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Connecting thread for fastening packers Connecting thread for fastening packers
The length 35 mm, for mineral injection...
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Reinforcing bracket Reinforcing bracket
For connecting the fastening packer to the reinforcement...
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Hose connector Hose connector
For extending hoses and connecting the remaining pieces...
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Vent hose Vent hose
Textile braided hose: transparent blue and transparent red...
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