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For more than one decade, we have been supplying the Polish construction sector with top-quality materials, products, tools and construction equipment. The scope of our cooperation extends beyond the largest players on the market, to any entity that is interested in pursuing our solutions. In offering our services, we always adhere to the notion that customer satisfaction is the highest priority, which is why we both offer oversize cargo transport and are capable of delivering small product batches.

Considering the needs of the market, we have the capacity to complete each order within an hour from submitting it. Apart from a list of specialist articles designed for reinforced concrete construction, the company also offers other products, construction materials which extend beyond the scope of the “monolithic” sector. What is important is the fact that the scope of services offered by EXTREA is of the highest quality. EXTREA’s motto is speed, quality and professionalism.


Extrea Sp. z o.o. (formerly Ebea Polska S.A.)

ul. Pawła Włodkowica 2c, 03-262 Warszawa

Registry (REGON): 260061690

National Court Register (KRS): 0000515962

Tax ID (NIP): 658 18 88 207

Share capital: PLN 100,000.00



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