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For more than one and a half decade, Extrea Sp. z o.o. has been supplying materials, products, tools and construction equipment for Polish construction projects. Our offer is designed for all companies, not only the few construction potentates. We are committed to expanding our product and service catalog, and we will keep you abreast of any developments on our website. Please take a minute to learn our offer and contact our specialists with any questions.

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Customer service

Contact our team with any questions.

Contact our technical department when in need of technical assistance, design aid, access to technical documentation. Requests for information, deliveries – the sales department. Invoices, correspondence – customer service. Payments – accounting.

Technical Department

Marcin Chrobok Marcin Chrobok Technical Department Director +48 600 056 002 marcin.chrobok@extrea.pl
Grzegorz Malec Grzegorz Malec Design Support Engineer +48 694 722 711 grzegorz.malec@extrea.pl
Cezary Abramek Cezary Abramek Constructor +48 608 431 388 cezary.abramek@extrea.pl
Ireneusz Podgórczyk Ireneusz Podgórczyk Junior constructor +48 22 431 67 92 ireneusz.podgorczyk@extrea.pl

Sales department

Łukasz Deptuła Łukasz Deptuła Region Central-Eastern +48 500 196 731 lukasz.deptula@extrea.pl
Maciej Wojtysiak Maciej Wojtysiak Region Central-South +48 600 008 106 maciej.wojtysiak@extrea.pl

Accounting department

Anna Noceń Anna Noceń +48 22 431 67 91 anna.nocen@extrea.pl

Customer service

Martyna Łuczyńska Martyna Łuczyńska +48 22 431 67 89 sekretariat@extrea.pl




Our staff will help you with any inquiries.


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